Faith@Home is a Church wide strategy that exists to help families become intentional about building God-honoring homes one step at a time. Faith@Home offers resources to help make this easier and more likely to occur.

Designed to Help You:

  • Create a life-long, thriving marriage
  • Introduce your children/grandchildren to Christ
  • Launch your teens as strong believers

A Simple Process:

We encourage families to follow three steps every 120 days with the appraisal that can be found at the Faith@Home center (located in the library in the foyer).

STEP 1: Assess your level of intentionality over the past 120 days

STEP 2: Identify your specific family seasons

STEP 3: Create a Faith@Home plan for the next 120 days

Building Strong Families


Along with the physical resources found at the F@H center in the church library, there are online resources for you to use. Click the button below to find the podcasts, videos, and documents for you to download.


The FAITH PATH initiative exists to partner with you as you guide your child’s faith journey one step at a time. Take advantage of these resources to begin the process in your family.