Other Exalt Ministries

Worship Technology Team

This team is led by Dustin Wilson.

We run service behind the scenes by operating the audio-video equipment.

We operate all of the audio-video equipment used in a Sunday morning service. We also support other ministries’ events by providing audio-video equipment support.

Online Outreach Team

This team is led by Dustin Wilson.

We reach out to those who view services online.

We minister to people who view Shiloh’s worship services online. This ministering takes the form of actively reaching out to people online, following up with guest viewers, and providing resources that deepens a person’s faith.

Transportation Team

This team is led by Cody Lowe and George Newberry.

We provide Shiloh services, ministries, and events with safe drivers and safe vehicles.

We provide transportation to those who need rides to various church events, including Sunday morning worship. We maintain Shiloh’s vehicles and list of authorized driver’s to help ensure that people are able to safely attend Shiloh’s events.

Wedding Team

This team is led by Deborah Newman and Gwynn Shultz.

We’re available to assist couples and their families with weddings held at Shiloh or other venues. We maintain a closet of resources for weddings, showers, and other special events.

First Impressions Team

This team is led by Burke Brack.

We help orient new guests attending Shiloh to Shiloh’s campus

We greet new guests and provide them information about what is going on at Shiloh. We provide guests a way to get to know Shiloh and help ease any anxiety our guests may have about attending a new church.

Deaf/Sign Language Team

This team is led by Rhonda McKinzie.

We help to make all events in Shiloh accessible for the deaf.

We provide sign language interpretation for worship service and other Shiloh events. We want to make the Good News accessible to people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

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